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Rectangular coverings with slate

Natural beauty for roof and façade.

Rectangular coverings with slate Rectangular coverings with slate

Slate is a natural building material for roofs and façades that has been highly regarded for generations for its robustness and its high aesthetics.

For a long time slate was reserved for the upper architecture. Status symbol for prosperity and building culture. Many castles, palaces and manor houses over entire Europe today still show these times with their classical slate roofs.

Technical progress in mining and primarily new economical laying techniques took care that slate today is definitely within one's means and in addition to classical architectural styles also harmonises perfectly with modern, straight-line architecture.

The prehistoric rock slate opens building owners and architects a wealth of design opportunities for roof and façades.

Rectangular coverings with slate Rectangular coverings with slate

A roof covering made of slate is always something special: Exclusive, natural and full of character. The rectangular covering succeeds to unite these attributes with high economic efficiency and modern optics.

It harmonises with its inconspicuous, straight-lined optics with every architectural style and provides roofs with a natural charm. It does not matter whether it is a new building or a retrofitted one - a slate roof in rectangular covering is extremely robust, long-living and reasonably priced when acquiring it.

Rectangular coverings with slate Rectangular coverings with slate 

Today a multitude of newly developed rectangular coverings make slate a preferred building material for façades in modern architecture. In focus are straight alignments, variable stone sizes, laying techniques without any problems and a highly insulated, back-ventilated façade structure.

As a producer we substantially participate in the development of these new covering types. In close co-operation with planners and architects, creative façade coverings are developed enriching modern architecture with the natural charm of the slate and opening up individual design opportunities.

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