Rathscheck Schiefer 

Dynamic covering

 Cafersa - Dynamic covering Cafersa - Dynamic covering

Natural power meets modern architecture. The dynamic covering offers architects and building owners a large freedom of design at the façade in order to give houses and buildings the attraction of something special.

The dynamic covering convinces with the charming optics of a "coursed masonry".

The slate façade is based on a straight-forward rectangular covering with aluminium strips inserted behind the vertical joints. The covering image is created by the irregular sequence of stone arrangements of different heights and cross joint mismatches.

The diversity of every single cap stone allows an effective play of light at the façade that is changing depending on the position of the sun and the weather conditions.

Your adventages:
• Creative and very individual covering image for modern façades.
• Creative and very individual covering image for modern façades. 
• Lively structuring by varying heights of stone arrangements and  projecting cross joints.