Rathscheck Schiefer 

Rectangular coverings

 Cafersa - Rectangular coverings Cafersa - Rectangular coverings

A roof covering made of slate is always something special: Exclusive, natural and full of character.

The rectangular covering succeeds in combining these attributes with high economic efficiency and modern optics.

By its discreet, straight forward optics it harmonises with any architectural style and provides roofs with a natural charm.

No matter whether it is a new building or a retrofitting - a slate roof in rectangular covering is extremely robust, long-living and reasonably priced in its acquisition. But in the façade the rectangular covering also emphasises up-to-date architecture without being at the same time fashionable. Its calm, discreet covering image harmonises with every architectural style.

As a highly insulated back-ventilated façade it creates a healthy living climate and complies with all the requirements of modern building physics. The silky gloss of the slate also significantly upgrades plain façades and offers protection and beauty for