Rathscheck Schiefer 

Variable rectangular covering

 Cafersa - Variable rectangular covering Cafersa - Variable rectangular covering

Based on the horizontal covering the reasonably priced variable rectangular covering convinces with its modern cross joint. The large selection of formats makes many arrangements possible from horizontal views via ones with high formats up to square ones. It differentiates itself from this one primarily by the so-called precutting. There the lower left and upper right corner of the slate plate are so trimmed that the plates lying side by side and above each other do not overdouble in the corner segment. The trimmed corners now facilitate an uncomplicated stone bond without a lateral offset of the cross joints.

Because in principle all the available stone formats can be used for this type of roofing, the potential variety of the arrangement is straight away enormously large. From the horizontal elongated via the classical rectangular, pure square up to optics with high formats almost everything is possible. Thus the variable rectangular covering is also very well suitable for complex façades with irregular window arrangements, bays or offsets.